Cheat Code Guide to the Breeders of the Nephelym

The game that is all about sexuality, love and lust. You’ve never experienced anything like it before!

The game is all about sexuality, love and lust. The Breeders of the Nephelym Download has made it easy for you to find out the basics of breeding hybrids while handling money harvesting or vendor services in this free online tutorial!

Sex, nudity, and violence; these are the bread and butter of adult video games. However, there is a new type of game that is emerging that is breaking the mold of what is typically considered an “adult” game. These games focus on creating a world where the player can have open relationships with many different partners. One such game is Breeders of the Nephelym. In this game, you are able to mate with anyone you please and create your own little army of nephelym. So far, it seems that this type of game is gaining in popularity, but why? What makes these games so captivating? I plan to explore just that in this blog post. Are you ready to enter the world of adult.


With the controls, W A S D stands for Standard Movement Keys. The action key is I and K refers to inventory while C turns off clothes on/off as well Q activating spirit form and E to drink potions.

When you die, the option menu comes up that allows you to load your last save or quit. You can also view all kinds of statistics from here as well as see your inventory and a map with a bird-eye view on it which displays all locations visited so far. Also the available actions are displayed in this menu.

The Gameplay – With its turn-based combat mechanics – an aspect found in most games of the early 90s – Alone in the Dark does not only offer fighting but also sneaking around as well as puzzle solving and interacting with NPCs, which is very interesting since I have never seen those features before back then. In order to pull my sword out.


When you’re ready to create your character, make sure that they are located in Hedon Township. You’ll find it on top of the plateau and there will be vendors like Cassie (a woman), Amber-Mae(a sexy bard) Camilla The Emissary Leylanna who can give unique items or sell currency for profit!


What do you get when bedtime rolls around and there is no moreplace to lay your head? Money resetsthat’s right! Now after sleeping in one spot all day long, we’ve got another opportunityfor some retail therapy. This time its with the Emissary who will buy any amountof Nephelym (orgasm) currency from us so feel free pickup up on those cozy fluids justas quickly as possible before they’re gone forever…


The player needs to spend 800 lusts per portal they activate. Once paid, you can travel at any time as you wish with no more spending required. This enables access and collection of Breeders of the Nephelym nearby shrine locations that are floating stone angels.


There are two meters on the top-left corner of your display. The first one is called “lust” and it measures how much sexual desire you have for other creatures in this world or even those from another dimension! If its number spikes up too high, then things will get pretty sexy between us. But don’t worry because there’s always time to sleep off these feelings before they become permanent fixtures… unless somebody catches YOUR scent (in which case good luck getting rid yourself!). As long as I’ve got some cash handy though? Well let’s just say everything gets infinitely more appetizing than usual ;

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