Busting Common Myths About Pneumonia

“Don’t go outside you’ll get pneumonia”, and “don’t spend too much time in front of a window you’ll get pneumonia”. All of these statements are given by our loved ones, but don’t you think that these statements are far from being true?

Well, pneumonia is an infection that can affect both the lungs. According to the best chest specialist in Karachi pneumonia can be caused by fungi, viruses, or bacteria. It is indeed a serious disease that can impact the lungs by filling them with pus and other liquids. 

But, with the increased exposure to technology and smartphones, there is a lot of information on the internet that is being spread. A lot of it is made up and there’s very less to be believed. People spread myths and misconceptions like there is no big deal. When it comes to pneumonia there is a lot that is believed and is not true. 

Dispelling the Common Myths

There are a lot of common pneumonia myths that are believed by people all over the world. Some of them are mentioned below. So let’s have a closer look at what is true and what isn’t. 

Myth 1: Pneumonia only affects people that already are sick

Well, it is already known that pneumonia impacts people already suffering from some sickness pretty bad. However to say that it only affects sick people is completely wrong. 

People with weak immune systems get affected by pneumonia seriously. However, a person who is healthy when gets suffered from such an illness is likely to recover sooner than a sick individual. Recovery a lot of times depends on the treatment plan and the steps that you are taking to avoid the infection. 

If you don’t take your treatment seriously, then there are chances that you might get impacted by pneumonia pretty badly either if you were already sick or not. So stop believing in all the myths and start learning. 

Myth 2: Pneumonia only occurs in cold weather

A lot of times when our parents tell us to wear jackets while going out are they making us less vulnerable to the cold and save us from diseases like pneumonia.

It is however not true to say that pneumonia only occurs in cold weather but it must be noted that you have to take care of yourself in the cold season more. This is because the cold temperature can impact the lungs and increase the risk of conditions like pneumonia. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that when there is cold weather, many of us tend to stay indoors. Now, this can be an alarming sign. You might ask how. Well, the pneumonia-causing bacteria can easily spread when you are sitting in close contact with people in a setting that is closed. In a lot of areas, pneumonia can occur due to a lack of certain nutrients in people.

Myth 3:  Pneumonia affects older people only

It is very easy to say for any disease that it only impacts the people, of old age. This is said because of one reason, which is weak immunity. Now, if I tell you who is more likely to get infected by pneumonia you will be shocked.

Worldwide, it has been observed that children are very much likely to get infected by pneumonia and lose their lives. Infants that have a poor immune system are at a lot of risk here. So, instead of thinking about the older generation and saving them, put some effort into keeping your health by working on their immune systems.


In developing countries, it is not a very big problem to feed the children with the needed nutrition but when it comes to underdeveloped countries it gets difficult to work on such issues.

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Myth 4: You can only treat pneumonia and never prevent it

There are a number of ways that can be used to treat and even prevent pneumonia. The best way is to work on the prevention and the treatment side by side. Antibiotics can work great in the treatment and prevention of infection. 

Breastfeeding and proper nutrition for the babies can also work in their best interest. So, make sure to add good food options to your diet to provide the needed defense to your body whenever an infection attacks the body. The first six months of a baby are quite important as they can change the immunity of the baby quite drastically.


Pneumonia when occurs can impact the body and the immune system badly. But it is important to find out the truths related to pneumonia and to focus less on the myths and the misconceptions that are spread on the internet or by people in general. In case of any emergency, keep the myths aside and visit the best lung doctor near you and get the issue treated as soon as possible.