One basic branding rule is that your customized email address should match your domain name. It shows how established and professional your brand is. For instance, if your brand’s website is, your customized email address could be [email protected]

Most “big” businesses use a matching website name and professional email address. A big gambling business, 22Bet Ethiopia, uses many branding techniques to reach out to casino punters. Therefore, if you could copy this simple branding idea, it would raise “your perceived branding” status high up.

You must purchase a web HOSTING plan using the same vendor to create a customized domain name or website name and a matching email address.

For instance, when you purchase a domain name from Google Workspace, you can buy a customized email plan and connect them automatically. It will eliminate the pain of configuring DNS servers when you use different hosting vendors. Also, it’s a lot cheaper when you purchase a domain name and a customized email from the same vendor. Here’s how to go about it:

Create an account with a worthy Hosting Vendor.

When purchasing a customized name, think about the hosting service provider. There are many cheap hosting service providers with excellent service. Research them on Google, create an account and purchase your desired customized email.

When creating your desired customized business email, you have two options;

  • Creating a domain name and customized email together. 

If your business uses a website, and you’d love to create a business email that matches your website name while linking it to your WordPress website, this option is for you. The first thing is to create a domain name. When you purchase a .com or .net domain, it mostly comes with an integrated email hosting service where you can create and add your customized email directly. This eliminates the Headache of purchasing a customized email and manually configuring it.

  • Creating only a singular business email without a domain name or website 

If your business doesn’t need a website and you still want to have a customized email address, you can still achieve that with your hosting vendor. A single business email without a website could cost up to $12, depending on your hosting vendor. If you create a website later on and link your customized email to this website, you will have to configure it manually. Again, you can contact your hosting provider support for assistance.

Is the process complex?

If you don’t have any technical knowledge of designing or creating websites or navigating host vendor websites, you probably should get someone who can do the job for you. For example, when you visit, you’d find many freelancers who can help you set up your customized email address and a domain name or even help you build a professional website for a cheap fee.


Having a massive online presence is non-negotiable for online businesses. You want to publicly present your business to your potential customers in the best way possible. Besides building a professional business website, creating a customized email is another way to achieve this. A customized email shows a high level of branding and professionalism.