Best Women Empowerment Movies of All Time

A good film is a powerful tool to inspire and empower women. The perfect recipe for an inspiring empowerment movie should include strong female leads. Who face all odds with dignity. It’s also imperative that these struggles be accurately portrayed in order give viewers. Everywhere something they can identify on behalf of themselves or someone close.

Women-centric films

Here are some best women-centric films to empower each and every woman.

1. Wonder Woman

The perfect place to find your inner superhero is within ourselves. No matter what size or shape you are, there will always be something in the form of courage and power deep within us waiting for release so that we can take on new challenges with confidence – just like Wonder Woman does every day!
I am woman hear me roar.

2. Real Women Have Curves

What’s not to love about a movie that gets it? Real Women do have curves, and this beautiful film was made by an entire team of women from directors down. Nothing can bring more empowerment than seeing so many talented female artists deliver an intense but ultimately empowering story about what being young woman means in today’s world–and understanding our own destiny while taking control along the way!

3. Mary Kom

It’s not every day you get to see a real woman’s story on the big screens and represent her journey for millions of other women. Mary Kom inspired many throughout her career as boxer, but when it was shared through film all those feelings increased tenfold! The empowering qualities made this such an inspirational experience- I’m so thankful that we live in such times where movies have become both informative AND entertaining tools with which people can learn more about themselves or others just by watching them unfold before your eyes without any judgement whatsoever.”

4. Pink

Strong and inspiring female leads, a storyline that perfectly captures the struggles of women across cultures is just what we need to see more often. This particular film has been proven as one with great success when it comes down empowering people by showcasing strong characters who go through adversity yet still find strength in their vulnerabilities
Featuring an all girl strong arm wrestling team at school will make you want nothing else than root for these girls until they win against any opponent! And if there were ever anything close enough to giving us courage during difficult times or reminding ourselves how powerful each individual.

5. Lipstick under my Burkha

It’s no secret that women all over the world face discrimination and sexism on a daily basis. The film Lipstick Under My Burkha navigates through this struggle while also tackling some of what it means to be female in today’s society: fighting Patriarchy, facing misandry (or hatred from males), getting judged for everything they do by others… Life as an enabling woman can sometimes feel tough but never more so than when we’re sharing our stories together!

6. Chak De! India

With India’s women team victory at the Chak De! Games, we have seen a step forward in equality for all genders. The win will make it easier to be proud of one’s gender and show them that they can do anything if given enough time or support
Roughly translated from Hindi: With this new found empowerment many more girls might find themselves interested not only playing sports but also becoming successful athletes which is what every boy wishes he could grow up knowing about himself ̶ no matter how poor his circumstances may seem.

7. Moana

The soundtrack to “Moana” is nothing short of amazing. It features some powerful women who are helming the music and providing an empowering tone for this princess narrative that has never been seen before in Disney history!

8. Roma

In Roma, actress Sofia unsolvedly captures the complexities of life as a woman in modern-day India. The story follows her journey through hoods such as girlhood and motherhood while trying to handle all different responsibilities that come with each phase – it’s not easy for any one person (especially females) who live inside domestic households or have dreams outside their family’s expectations! But despite these challenges she remains empowered by both achieving success on terms typically reserved only for men; but also showing vulnerability when needed most like during childbirth scenes where we see how strong our protagonist.

9. Nine to Five

The script is based on the idea that women are often harassed and treated worse than men in workplaces. The movie 9 to 5 , stars Streep as a woman who was not happy with her job situation. Where she constantly felt undervalued for doing less work then male colleagues yet still having to put up with verbal abuse from her superior (Kotler).

10. Margarita with a Straw

The movie “The Light of Day” is a story about three friends and their journey to find happiness. They face many obstacles on the way, but it’s in those moments where they are struggling most that you can see how strong these characters really are- especially with disability issues at hand. This film reminds me not only do small things matter too; if we’re going through hard times then there will always be. Some solace or acceptance waiting just around every corner (even if our difficulties seem insurmountable).

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