Abuse Is Not OKAY!

Women are adaptable, but not gullible. Abuse is NOT OKAY! It will never be excusable or understandable. Don’t let yourself suffocate in the midst of a social dilemma by ignoring your own feelings on how best to handle things WHEN THEY GET tough because that’s what abusers do. Ignore their victims’ pleas for help until it becomes too late… Let us rebel against this injustice together with all our strength as. One rebellious army ready and willing at any given moment. We’re here now so lets take back what belongs rightfully ours: Peaceful happiness without fear.

We women are often told to let go of the things that have shattered us. We can sink our worst secrets within ourselves, and how many times a day do we give into subtle outrageous acts? Or maybe some not too subtly outraging ones either! Teased sexually harassed abused…
Sexual abuse takes many forms. It’s physical as well emotional; financial all under one roof with domestic violence sometimes coming later on down these slippery slopes until you’re hooked up by your toxic relationship while trying desperately hard just so they don’t kill themselves.

We all want to help you and I know it’s difficult when there doesn’t seem like a way out. But don’t give up on yourself. It will be worth talking about what happened; just remember that if this has been happening for some time now then these problems may have started before we knew they were happening so talk early and often!

The signs of abuse can vary depending upon who is doing them. Physical violence from an intimate partner or friend with whom one shares common history. Whether past victimizedization experienced as children which affects how someone interacts emotionally/psychologically (eavesdropping). Economic controllingness such that money becomes scarce even though plenty was available at one point.

Here’s how

You may be feeling anxious about filing a police report, but don’t worry. You will fill out all the necessary forms and handle it in no time at all with my help! Let’s get started –

What is an FIR?

An “FIR” stands for First Information Report and this document defines what kind of event or incident needs to take place before it can go through other steps within law enforcement agencies around India (such as registering cases). The goal here was not only reporting abuse; instead we wanted people who had been victims themselves so they could get help immediately too…

Why is FIR important?

The Indian legal system operates on the basis that anyone can initiate a case investigation. This is done through filing an “FIR” or First Information Report with law enforcement officers at your local police station after you’ve witnessed something illegal happening in person, even if no one else was There involved!

Who can lodge an FIR?

The FIR can be filed by anyone who knows about the commission of an offense. The victim does not have to file a complaint, and even police officers if they witnessed it will filing for them instead!

You can file an FIR if

You should file an FIR if one or more of these things are true:
You’re the person who was hurt by what happened;
All evidence points towards this being a serious crime which could affect others too (e..g., there’s been talk on social media); And last but not least ,you.

What is the procedure of filing an FIR?

FIR must be registered within 24 hours of occurrence. The police have a duty to register an FIR and they should do so immediately upon learning about any commission or attempted commission of cognizable offenses from. Whatever source – oral complaints. Written letters sent through post offices as well as online communication platforms like social media sites Facebook etc. However if you want the guarantee that your statement will not go unheeded then make sure it’s signed by both parties (you). After reading over what has been recorded verbatim in writing at least once each time. Before transfer thereof between different departments involved.

What is a cognizable offense?

A “cognizable” refers to anything that can be definitely proven or disproven with evidence. All crimes fall under this category. Which makes them eligible for investigation by law enforcement officials. Without any court order being necessary – so long as you have identified your suspect(s).

Non-Cogivable Offenses:

Many people think these types of offenses don’t allow enough time for justice because they require proof before arrest occurs. But we’ll discuss how an F&R schedules its proceedings depending on severity level.

If you have a problem with the police and want them to investigate your case. Make sure that they can record their reasons for not registering or investigating in writing. The officer must also inform you about India’s U/S 157 of Criminal Procedure Code. Which says everything related (crime scene). Needs documentation when involving humans at any level. This includes citizens too. Always read over reports carefully before signing. If someone who cannot read signs please have him thumbprint on top only after consultation.

What should you mention in the FIR?

The following information should be included in your registered complaint:
* Your name and address; *. The time, date and location of the incident that you are reporting; All facts related to an occurrence or event which occurred during this period. You can also mention any possible witness who might get credit for their support. Towards solving this case if they come forward after receiving notice from police officials about. What happened through submissions made via post at headquarters.

Things you should NOT do –

*NEVER ever give any of your information to the police under pressure. You may be coerced into registering false complaints against yourself, or giving absurd statements that cannot accurately portray what happened in order for you not get caught.*

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