5 Ways how to think more positively, and why it is so important for mental health

Positive thinking is a psychological concept, a method of motivational personal development, and a useful habit, thanks to which a person can improve his psychological well-being and change his life for the better.  In trying to solve the next problem, the positive person will first consider the situation from different angles, and then, using creative approaches and controlling the thinking of his willpower, begin to look for the best solution. That’s why a positive mindset means not only being more cheerful but the ability to deal with stress more effectively. For those of you wondering how to think more positively, a positive person isn’t always born that way, and it is possible to learn to be more positive with some simple techniques. 

 Say “No” to black-and-white thinking

People who tend to black-and-white or all-or-nothing thinking must do everything perfectly (white) or do nothing (black). The absence of any alternatives (shades of gray) leads to the fact that such people begin to think negatively because nothing ideal in our world exists. To get rid of this type of thinking, you need to learn to think in more than just two (positive and negative) directions. Fill your life with all possible options, because not always a situation is resolved one hundred percent positive or negative.

For example, if tomorrow you have to pass an extraordinary work test, you should not think that you will show the best results, or fail and will be forced to look for another job. Between these radically opposite options are several other alternatives.

Believe in yourself

Studies have found that belief in your strengths plays a critical role in dealing with stress or recovering from difficult events. Positive people don’t run away from negative events and use negative coping mechanisms (gambling and betting on 22Bet, drinking alcohol, etc.), and aren’t afraid of stress or rejection. Therefore, be aware of your strengths and virtues. Being more self-confident is a good way to develop a quality like cheerfulness.

Take responsibility for your own life

You need to understand that you and you alone are responsible for the way you think about your life. If you wake up with negative thoughts, think bad thoughts all day long, and go to sleep thinking that tomorrow will be worse than yesterday, then you are responsible for turning your life into a gray, boring, and annoying series of identical and tasteless days.

The first step toward changing your own life is to recognize that there is a problem. Your problem in this case is that you do not know how to think positively. As soon as you realize that the negative way of thinking that has already become habitual can be changed if you pick the right approach, you will immediately experience relief.

Be grateful to yourself

If you have a habit of apologizing for everything, try changing it to “Thank you!” For example, if you are late for something, say “Thank you for waiting,” instead of “I’m sorry I’m late.” This change will reduce the negative internal rumination. 

Live in the present rather than the past or the future.

Very often, regretting the past or worrying about the future prevents you from thinking positively. Having had bad, traumatic, or upsetting experiences in the past, one becomes afraid to live and enjoy life. On a subconscious level, he is constantly waiting for something bad to happen and does not believe that good things can also happen in his life.

Look at your past again, analyze the experience, draw certain conclusions, and move on. We all need to learn to enjoy every moment of the present and appreciate all that we have now. Only there can we learn to think positively and enjoy every second we live in the current moment in time!