5 Best Credit Card Processing Companies Ideal for Startups

One of the most overlooked phases for an entrepreneur is finding the perfect credit card, processing partner. Setting up a new business is already an overwhelming experience. For this reason, many startups forget to consider the factor of the channel through which a customer can pay.

Finding the most reliable credit card processing partner is crucial along with software and hardware compatibility, exceptional customer support, and easy contract terms. Here are 5 trustworthy credit card processing companies that can help both established companies like Telvista and startups with their businesses.

1. National Processing

It is an incredible merchant service provider with phenomenal POS terminals for startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large organizations. National Processing offers a free credit card terminal facility. They offer Automated Clearing House (ACH) and e-check processing on the add-ons. To ensure a heightened and extraordinary customer experience, mobile processing with a Clover Go card reader is also possible. To make it easier for the startups. National Processing has no long-term contracts when the hardware is purchased outright. They have different pricing plans for the restaurants, eCommerce, and retail sectors.

2. Square

Square is the top priority for the startups and businesses that process occasional payments. It was initially introduced as a mobile-only credit card processing solution. Today, it has evolved into a feature-rich payment ecosystem.

Square offers aggregated accounts for debit and credit card processing. The mobile card reader is set up with each account. POS feature is available with EMV and NFC capability. Startups can easily receive analytical and processing reports, accessible from the dashboard of the platform. The company offers a pricing model for restaurants, POS, and retail businesses. With no setup and application processing fees, startups have to pay 2.6% + $0.10 per card transaction.

3. PaymentCloud

If you own a high-risk business, PaymentCloud has to be your smart choice. It offers a full range of services, catering to the low-risk to high-risk startups and SMEs. The company offers customized merchant services tailored to the requirements of the business. Also, They offer a free credit card terminal facility with each account, along with virtual terminal and mobile processing solutions at convenience. To make it a genuine solution for the businesses, PaymentCloud has Authorize.Net and USAePay payment gateway integration available.

PaymentCloud also provides no-fee flexibility when setting up the account. However, the interchange charges vary from low-risk businesses to high-risk ones. $15 per month is charged for low-risk businesses. While the amount varies from industry to industry for high-risk accounts. Please keep in mind that the cost is subject to change.

4. Flint

Flint is a genuine credit card processing partner for micro-startups that have sales of less than $3,000 a month. So, It is a cheaper alternative to Square, and perfect for businesses who require seldom payments. Users can make payments without swiping the credit card or utilizing smart phone’s camera. So, The application is designed for businesses that operate outside of conventional retail stores. The iOS and Android applications don’t need a card reader and process the payments almost instantly.

The pricing for Flint is flat with 2.95% for all the credit and debit transactions. Also, There is no hidden charge or a contract. If you are not satisfied with the service, Flint doesn’t charge early termination fees.

5. Dharma Merchant Services

Though Dharma Merchant Services is not recommended for businesses with less than $10,000 processing a month. But its features are hard to resist for startups and SMEs. It is the most ethical and transparent credit card processing partner with unique facilities. So, The company offers a quick-pay virtual terminal facility with the choice of Authorize.Net and MX Merchant gateway integration. They also offer B2B processing with a full-line Clover POS system. What’s most favorable is that the credit card surcharge fee is not applicable. It means there are no credit card processing fees.

The pricing is simple for the credit card processing partner with $25 a month for all the businesses and $20 for non-profit organizations. There are no annual or PCI compliance fees with Dharma Merchant Services. Please remember that the cost is subject to change.


It doesn’t matter if you are running a simple retail business or selling minimal products online, these credit card processing companies can ensure phenomenal help for your business. Customers can easily process their payments and enjoy seamless services. Therefore, Businesses can get transparent pricing with no hidden charges or deception. So, If you own a startup, the aforementioned credit card processing companies will prove as the best partner in the long run.