2 Reasons Why You Hate Socializing

Not everyone likes to communicate. Some people hate informal communication.

Although, perhaps, “hate” is too big a word. You are likely experiencing an aversion to social contact for some other reason that causes you discomfort. You may find that your hatred of communication will weaken if you can identify and solve this underlying problem. Well, to lower your stress level now, you can visit the 20Bet login website.

To do this, it is necessary to better understand the possible problems faced by people who hate informal communication.

Are You an Introvert

There are three types of people when it comes to communication: introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts.

An extrovert is a person who strives for communication. Such people are energized by being out of the house, communicating with people, laughing, and having a good time. It’s not that they can’t enjoy privacy or don’t want to be alone, but that they feel fulfilled when they can spend time in contact with other people.

An introvert is a person who needs quality time for himself to recharge. Communication drains their battery, and after a while, they run out. An introvert can spend time with some specific people, almost without discharging his social battery. Often an introvert has a friend or a romantic partner, communication with whom drains him less than everyone else.

About introverts, it should be said that there are many misconceptions about them. Introversion does not mean social awkwardness, anxiety, or incompetence. On the contrary, many introverts can communicate perfectly, enjoy communication and lead a vibrant social life. It’s just that when they finish communicating, they need time to recuperate. 

Why is this important? Many people attribute mental health problems that need to be addressed to introversion. You can learn social skills if you are clumsy or inept. There are books, videos, podcasts, and psychotherapists who can help with this. If you experience social anxiety, it may require therapy or treatment. But you will not be able to do this if you write off the problem as “I am like this because I am an introvert.”

And finally, there are ambiverts. The vast majority of people are a combination of introverts and extroverts. Such people are ambiverts.

We have already found out that many introverts are not averse to communication. If you are not an extreme introvert, perhaps it’s not so much that you hate communication that you don’t have enough time to recuperate. In today’s world, we are so busy that it can be difficult to find time for ourselves. An introvert who is forced to jump from work duties to family, from family to household, and never has the opportunity to relax, will surely be exhausted.

It may even look like anger. During exhaustion, introverts don’t want to be around people.

Do You Suffer from Social Anxiety

Anxiety is often a mixed and misinterpreted feeling. The main problem is that many people interpret anxiety only as anxiety. This is not always the case. Anxiety can also look like anger because an anxious person gets into a situation from which the brain is trying to protect him.

People with social anxiety may feel that they hate communication because it makes them uncomfortable. And as they get into this uncomfortable situation, their brain reacts with anger to create more distance to distance themselves from it. This can be interpreted as hatred.

The idea of informal communication often causes a person with social anxiety the fear of being judged, saying something wrong, or doing something wrong.

It’s perfectly normal to be nervous or worried in an unusual situation. Everyone experiences this. However, if this prevents you from communicating fully when you want to, you should contact a mental health professional. He can help you learn to be less socially anxious.